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Istra A/C
Banculuka A/C
Istra region
Kvarner region
Dalmatia region
Accommodation in Vrsar , Krk, Hvar and Dubrovnik

Istra, Kvarner and Dalmatia naturist guide (part of Croatia Naturally web site)

Vrsar, Krk, Hvar and Dubrovnik
by Reine Simonsson from Sweden

This report originaly from Net Nude , used here by permission of Reine Simonsson. Visit Net Nude for more simular reports from around the world..

Croatia, October 1999

Vrsar and Krk

Autocamp"Istra" in Vrsar and "Banculuka" in Baska on island Krk. They are both "FKK". "FKK" means that you are free to go as you are pleased. Freier Körper Kultur, German meaning "Free Body Culture". But I think that on these camping sites 100% of the guests go naked. Also people from town come here over day. No entrance fee or anything.

Istra camping
The first one (photo above) is from Autocamp "Istra" outside the town of Vrsar on the Istrian peninsula in the north-western part of Croatia. The camp was very good, but there were a lot of sea urchins in the water. Fantastic waters for Windsurfing and canoeing. They had also a small ramp if you are bringing your own boat. Restaurant and everything you want at the camp. Also a lot outside the area. But you need a car to go in to Vrsar and still more restaurants......
The next place (photo above) is one of my favourites: Autocamp Banculuka in Baska on island Krk. A very well kept camping with a very good swimming. Supermarket, coffee shop and stand for fresh vegetables in the premises. Plus tennis court and minigolf. A reception with a very good service. There is a 15 minutes walk in to town Baska with a lot of small cozy restaurants and a long esplanade along the sea. The ferries to island Rab stop here. There are a lot of nudist beaches on Rab, but I have never come any further than here......
But the best with Baska is if you continue out to the right side of this picture (above). A lot of cliffs and private space. Very good for a family with children who are a little older and who like to jump from the cliffs and maybe not are so fond of going naked in front of other people in the beginning. The absolute favourite place when I have had youngsters with me on holiday. That´s where I have taken the picture above. And the parents can be calm. The water is at least 60 ft deep, even if you can see the bottom. And no currents in the warm and salt water.


These pictures, the one above and the following one, are from island Hvar. These are from the town with the same name at the western part of this island with the most sun hours in all Croatia. And the smell of lavendel in the evenings is something you never forget. You think of it everytime you use a soap.....
From town Hvar you can take a boat out to the islands on this picture (below). They are all free for nudists.
You can also take boats from the small harbour in town to more distant fishermans villages. The people have left fishing a long time ago, but in this one they lived on fishing and serving it to the tourist on the beach. Guaranteed fresh!!!!! This village and some more can only be reached by boat, unless you own a donkey.....

Pakleni islands
A better photo (above) over the town Hvar and the islands Jerolim and Stipanska. Boats are going there from the harbor. And all islands are free for nudist swimming.


Here is the world famous town of Dubrovnik and its island Lokrum.

Dubrovnik was founded around year 600 and the walls were built on the 12:th to the 17:th century. All houses are at least 200 years old as they had an earthquake there in 1776 destroying most of the town. But most houses were repaired and only the ones in the middle of town were reconstructed. Narrow fantastic alleys and a lot of stairs. very fine restaurants. The town has a fantastic history of wars and sieges. Napoleon built of fortress on mountain Srdj to monitor the town because it was too beautiful to attack. Even Hitler thought the same. But not their neighbors, the serbs, who shot over 1500 granates (grenades) over the town on the 6:th of december 1991. That day is the catholic "Saint Nicholas´ day" when Santa Claus come to the children. But they got a granate every 30 second from 5 o´clock in the morning all day until the evening. That is what is called "terror bombing". Just imagine. With cold blood shoot granades (grenade) down into this beauty filled with defenseless civilians. And then we in the West demand them to forget and live on like they alwas have done. (They have always been fighting...)

The granades were shot from the top of the mountain to the right of this picture. The houses on the hillside were not damaged due to the fact that it isn´t possible to shoot less than 1 mile in range, I´ve heard. And these houses are closer than that. 3 air fighters attacked the fortress during the war. But only to destroy the cross that was up there to destroy the moral of the inhabitants. The "soldiers" doing this rape of the town were at large prisoners from a well known prison in Montenegro. They had been promised a cut off from their punishments for "good behaviour" after war. However one person up there must have deactivated the phosphorgranades as almost all of them landed without exploding. Only 9 houses were destroyed by fire. We found when cleaning up there a lot of proofs of who they were. It was all handed over to UNPROFOR to be used in Haag later on.

The above picture is taken from Napolens fortress "Belvedere". About 500 yards to my left was the place where they shot all granades (grenades) over the town.

There are boats leaving the Old harbour every whole hour to island Lokrum. If you follow the path along the left side you will come to the nudist area. There are only cliffs, no beach, but stairs to get in and out of the water. Fantastic water!!!!! Most tourists never see any other place to swim when they are in Dubrovnik than Lokrum. Everyone finds their favourite spot here.

The island is a reservate with a benedictine monestary with a fine (and cheap) restaurant plus my favourite water hole, the bar/cafeteria where you can have a "Sismis" - a bat - red wine and Fanta. With a lot of ice. Sounds horrible, but tastes very good in the heat. The croatian red wine is very heavy. But only one if you want to walk back again!!!!

In this picture (above), taken by a friend of mine, you can see what is left from the cable car that once went up to the top. Up there you can see the fortress built 1810 by Napoleon, Fort Imperial.
Me in the bar ordering a "Schischmisch" as it should be pronounced. Pero, the bartender always asks what day it is today. Sismis or Beer. Plus a sandwich. A beer or a "bat" costs about USD 1.50.
Palace beach

IMPORTANT: Hotel Palace has been renovated (now a ***** hotel) and reopened this summer (2004). Old FKK beach near the hotel is not a naturist beach anymore. The beach is to be used for hotel's guests only.

One other very good place is Hotel Palace`s FKK-beach (photo on the left). The hotel was a shelter for refugees after the war, but is today closed for renovation and repair och war damages until furter. On one side are these rocks and on the other side is a stair leading down into the water. There are almost only local, elderly people there as this place isn´t mentioned in any tourist publication. It belongs to the hotel...... The people here is croatian hospitality when it is at its best. This is also my personal favourite place. No bar, no shower, no expences. You bring what you need for a perfect day in the sun.
To get there you take bus number 4 to the end station "Hotel Palace" and walk down the path to the sea.

If you like long, sandy beaches you take the boat out to the island Lopud. It leaves the new harbour Gruz at 10 o´clock every morning during high season. (June to August). The first half of the beach is for those who prefer going dressed. And the second part is for us who enjoy nature. Where the limit goes differs from day to day. A tip is not to go there during the week-ends as a lot of people from Dubrovnik come out here in their own boats and make a lot of noise. One big party in every boat. The croatians know how to have fun! Ask me! Our full days in Milan´s boat are memories for life. If they like the party, and they always do, everybody sings all songs and all time......

About the island Lopud outside Dubrovnik... In all Croatia it is OK swim naked, provided you use some kind of common sense. Like not in the towns and absolutely not in front of a church. The first half of this fantastic beach is usually crowded by dressed locals, while the other half has got nudists. This picture is taken in the middle of "the textile area". So there is a long beach behind my back. But there are some naked people among the dressed ones. And vice versa...... Nema problema, as they say......

There are two hotels at Lopud (photo above), (not the same as Lapad, which is a part of the town). There are also some private rooms available there.

At last one picture of a nice car I found in the town Medjugorje in Bosnia. It was just after war had stopped there. You take what you have got left. The guy on the left side with the big ears is my idol. He never gives up!!!

I was in Havanna two weeks ago. Not even there they had this kind of cars.

Thanks Reine Simonsson for this report.


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