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Dalmatia region
Accommodation in Dubrovnik, Korcula, Cavtat, Mlini

Dalmatia naturist guide (part of Croatia Naturally web site)

by Mark from the UK

May 2001

Dubrovnik - there are two naturist beaches.

Near Palace Hotel

IMPORTANT: Hotel Palace has been renovated (now a ***** hotel) and reopened this summer (2004). Old FKK beach near the hotel is not a naturist beach anymore. The beach is to be used for hotel's guests only.

The Palace Hotel is the terminus of the No. 4 bus route. This runs about every 20 minutes from Pile which is just outside the West gate of the old town and is a common starting point for many of the local bus services. The beach is an easy walk from most of the hotels on the Lapad peninsula, especially the Splendid which is the nearest. The Palace is semi derelict and is not very prepossessing but walk past it down the hill to the right then sharp left down steps when you see the swimming pool and you will see FKK signs painted on the path. The rocky beach is reasonably pleasant and has been extensively smoothed with concrete. It faces more or less South and can get untenable if there is a strong wind from a southerly direction which drives waves and spray on to it. There is access into the sea at one or two points but not particularly easy. No refreshments or other facilities are available in the immediate vicinity.

Lokrum Island
This is about 1/2 - 1 mile south of the old city and there is a regular ferry service to it from the old harbour. It was hourly when we were there but may be more frequent in high season. The fare is 25 Kuna return (about L2.50 ). There is a network of paths on the island which are worth exploring, one of which, to the left of the landing area, leads to the naturist beach and is signposted FKK. Again this is a rocky beach which has been smoothed with concrete but in places is quite rough and fissured. Access to, and movement about the area, requires reasonable agility and might be difficult for those with mobility problems. It too is south facing so southerly winds can make it blustery. The sea was too rough when we were there for me to pay much attention to possible access, but it looked quite steep and is probably only for the competent swimmer, at least in anything other than very calm conditions.

This is a small village midway between Dubrovnik and Cavtat and there is an FKK beach marked on the map enclosed. We passed near it in the bus on our way to Cavtat but made no attempt to visit it so I cannot give firm information but I would think you would probably do better at Dubrovnik or Cavtat.

A very attractive village about 10 miles south of Dubrovnik and well worth a day visit or a place to stay for a quiet self-contained holiday. There is a bus from Dubrovnik about every hour (but try to avoid the 11.10 which gets packed sardine-style with school children) and where this drops you off there is a large plan/map which shows a FKK beach on the west side of the Sustjepan peninsula just below the Hotel Croatia. We got there the hard way by following the path right round (about 40 minutes walk) but I think there should be a short cut across the neck of the peninsula, possibly through the hotel grounds. The path was quite rough and climbed and descended quite steeply. If you follow the path you will end up going down a long flight of steps at the end of the hotel. Look down on the ground near the foot of this flight and you will see painted on the access to a small path “Nudist Beach” . This leads further down to the usual smoothed areas where we spent a pleasant hour. Perhaps it would not be worth travelling from Dubrovnik just for a nuddy sun-bathe but if you are staying in the village or, like us, having an enjoyable day out anyway, it is a pleasant bonus.


Our second week was on this island staying in Korcula town. The only information I had been able to get about naturist beaches on the main island ( as opposed to off-shore islets) was on the Croatia Naturally web site to the effect that the Njivice beach* was near the town of Vela Luka. This is at the other end of the island about 30 miles away and when we visited one day we were unable to find any trace of this beach, although we did not have time to do much exploring. However we found that by walking right round the harbour from where the bus stops we came to a path which hugs the shore. This gives access to the ubiquitous concreted patches from time to time and , as it seemed very little used, we were able to strip off with no problems (this might not be practicable in the busy season).
Nearer to Korcula town is the village of Lombarda which boasts the only sandy beach on the island. There is an hourly bus service ( less at weekends) which takes about 15 minutes to within about half a mile of the beach . The beach is textile but was quiet when we were there and, depending on the nature of the occupants- e.g. not too many children, and by getting to the far end and using discretion, we were able to strip off. In the village by the harbour there is a plan/map which shows a FKK Beach . We found this too late to explore but it might be worth a look.
Warning:- We bought a map of the island which suggested that there might be a naturist beach near the village of Racisce, which is about half an hour in the bus from Korcula - we could not find any beach at all never mind a nuddy one!!


Thanks Mark for this report.

* Altough "Njivice Beach" is listed as a naturist beach at the official Croatian tourism site www.htz.hr, this beach simply doesn't exist and that's why it has been removed from Croatia Naturally listing.


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