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Thanks on beforehand.

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I can recommend auto camp Kosirina on Murter. Outer parts of camp are unofficialy clothing optional. Beach on that part is rocky, but entire coast ouside camp is cloth optional and there are few peable coves. If you want more information or that accommodation is not suitable for your needs, please open topic in appropriate subforum with maybe little more details (like prefered accommodation type, prefered region, etc).

Statistika: Postano Postao/la xxblc — 11 tra 2016 20:17

2016-03-27T00:49:25+02:00 2016-03-27T00:49:25+02:00 http://www.cronatur.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=949&p=4939#p4939 <![CDATA[Introduce yourself • CO areas in Croatia]]> I'm Ralf, and looking for a Clothing Optional beach in Croatia with nearby (also clothing optional) accomodation possibilities. Note: it should NOT be a naturist resort.
I would be happy for any hints ...
Thank you,

Statistika: Postano Postao/la rafaholl — 27 ožu 2016 00:49

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Maybe you could write something about Russian view on naturism, is it more liberal than in the rest of the Europe?

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naturizam je napisao/la:
Hi. I envy you as well. Can you share with us, where were you?

This wonderful place was on the island of Eleuthera in thr Bahamas. :)

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