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Hello Croatia

A place for newly registered users to introduce themselves to other forum members. You can write a brief description of your past experiences related to naturism / nudism or traveling to Croatia, where you from (city or country), which age group you belong to, whether you practice naturism / nudism alone, with partner / family / friends, where do you practice it, what do you do and anything else you consider important and want to share with other members of the forum.

Hello Croatia

PostPostao/la SydneyJuly22 » 20 vel 2012 10:58

Hi there lovely people,
I am planning to visit Croatia with a couple of friends to experience the famous naturist lifestyle.
It is a big birthday month for me and thinking of sailing and island hopping for about 2 weeks in July if possible.
It would be great to be in touch with other sailing and naturist lovers for exchanging ideas especially around the most suitable yacht hire places with skipper included.
Would anyone be able to help out here?
Some details.. sailing from 14 - 28 july (or thereabouts)
sailboat/yacht for 4 people (most likely 3 ladies in 40's)
We like good food, wine, with an adventurous sense of fun and spirit
Would like to make the most of the experience, we live a wonderful naturist lifestyle here, with lovely beaches although I must say the weather this summer has not been the best !!
Look forward to hear from anyone who can provide information.

S :D
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Reg. korisnik(ca) / Reg. user
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Re: Hello Croatia

PostPostao/la naturizam » 20 vel 2012 20:58

Hey there!

First of all, welcome to our forum, and hope to welcome you to Croatia as well.

As of your questions, I'm already envious, you're gonna have a great vacation :)
Are you thinking about organized naturist cruises here, or perhaps renting a boat and sailing on your own? In latter case, do you need a skipper? I somehow got it from your post you're going to rent a boat and sail by yourselves. That's the better option in my opinion, since you're not bound to some "plan" and can enjoy the experience better.

Unfortunately I don't have anything to recommend, as my experience in this area is not much, but I'll check with a friend and post it back here if I find out something that's worth mentioning. Anyway, there are a lot of boat rental agencies over here, and you have no problem getting a boat. Once you're on your way, you can be naked as much as you want (mind the proximity of cities of course).
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Re: Hello Croatia

PostPostao/la CroNat » 20 vel 2012 22:49

Hello and welcome from as well. Unfortunately, I also can’t help much. Hopefully a more experienced naturist sailors will sail along. :)

As Naturizam already mentioned, there are planty of sail charters (with or without a skipper) so there shouldn’t be a problem but I would book on time because July is a peak of the season. I would definitvely recommend to visit the island of Hvar (Pakleni archipelago just off the Hvar town is a nautical naturist paradise), Korcula island and Peljesac peninsula. They all are abundant with little coves and beaches and puicturesque little towns and villages to visit along.
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