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Makarska, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Croatia, is tucked in a natural harbour fringed with the green peninsulas of Osejava and St.Peter, at the very bottom of impressive Mount Biokovo. The town is the heart of the Makarska Riviera, a long coastal strip which will surprise you by its beauty and preserved nature. Long sand or pebble beaches, pine forests, ever clear waters are only a tiny bit of its attractions.

Makarska riviera: Photo Tour

Makarska home page

Sv. Petar - naturist beach Map

St. PeterSv. Petar (St. Peter) is a small peninsula in the center of Makarska. It got its name after a 15th-century church St. Peter. Today there are only remains of the church. Peninsula today serves as a city park and a beach. It has both, textile and naturist sections. Rocky naturist beach with concrete plateaus is situated 100m from the lighthouse.

Makarska Sv. Petar beach

Google map

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Nugal, Tucepi - naturist beach Map

NugalThis beach is located east of Makarska, just before Tucepi town. Wonderful beach in a pebbled bay surrounded by steep cliffs.
Tucepi home page.

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Baska Voda - naturist beach Map

Baška Voda used to be a fishermen's, farmers' and merchants' settlement, and today it's a modern tourist centre offering clear sea, beautiful beaches with pine woods, quallity hotels and excellent restaurants.
Pebble naturist beach, just outside Baska Voda, at the southern end of the village, after "Oseka" beach bar. It is a clothing optional beach, but mostly used by naturists.
Baska voda home page.

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Tucepi - naturist beach Map

TucepiTucepi FKK beach, located in the small village of Tucepi, 3km south of Makarska, near Jadran Hotel.
It is a rocky and pebble beach.
Tucepi home page.

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Igrane - naturist beach Map

Igrane, a village and small harbour on the Makarska Riviera, 15 km southeast of Makarska and 7 km of Podgora. It is located on a small peninsula, with a large sand beach (1.5 km) on the south-eastern coast.
Hide-away beaches for nude bathers are at hand. West of Punta hotels or 10 minutes walking from the centre of the village there is a pebble and rocky naturist beach. Some parts of the beach offer a nice pine trees shade. Map of Igrane.

Igrane home page.

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Brela - naturist beaches Map

Brela, often referred as "the pearl of Makarska Riviera", lies 15km north of Makarska. And indeed, Brela has some of the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful beaches in Croatia. Village developed along the coast, so visitors can walk by the beaches of Brela for almost 8 kilometers.

One naturist beach is located between the western end of Brela's seaside promenade, where Jakiruša restaurant is situated, and neighboring village of Pisak, in the Vrulja cove. Vrulja cove is hardly accessible any longer along the coastal track after a landslide (or builders spoil tipped) about 300m Vruja beachnorth of the Jakirusa restaurant. The steepness and fragility of the landslip made descent/traverse very hazardous, even for experienced walkers, and cuts off access to the first two beaches. Other way is by the path that goes trough the woods few hundred meters above the beach. To get there by car, on the main road towards Brela take right turn -downwards at the Sampion restaurant. Then drive in direction of Vrulja trough the village. Always take right turns. After about 5 min drive you'll find yourself on the dirtroad which is about 500 meters long. At the end there is a small parking area. After that you can take the path mentioned above. You can choose a spot for yourself on a 5km coastline visited mostly couples and singles. It is a wild and fascinating cove with the most incredible and dramatic nature and little gravel beaches. To reach some of the beautiful graveld beaches the best thing to do is to hire a boat in Brela.

On the other hand, going South along the path to Baska Voda and then on about 1km to the end of the main beaches you reach a last beach café and thereafter the beaches are mixed but largely naturist for about 300m (before the next resort beach). Access is easy along the cliff path to the café.

In the village itself, nude sunbathing is (sometimes) possible on quiet, from views protected cliffs between many gravel beaches along the already mentioned 8km long promenade. But this is not advisable if you don't see anybody else in the nude there (don't be the first one!).

Mrnjavac apartments in Brela.
Brela home page.
Baska Voda home page.

More info about Brela including accommodation offer


Nimfa and Dole, naturist beaches, Zivogosce Map

Nimfa naturist beach located near the "Nimfa" Hotel in Zivogosce, south of Makarska.
Dole naturist beach located near the western end of "Dole" autocamp, between Zivogosce and Igrane, and it is one of the most popular naturist beaches in Makarska region.
Free naturist ebach Dole (ex Duba)
In season and office: ++385.21.628.749 / fax. ++385.21.628.750
E-mail: auto-camp-dole@st.hinet.hr

Igrane home page.

More info about Zivogosce including accommodation offer. Same for Igrane.

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